This is the jumping off point to the DCC section of Sacramento Valley N-Trak. Since we have decided to run a Digitrax system on our modular layout, it was felt that there should be some information to help the club members (and others) learn about all of the aspects of DCC. At the bottom of this page are some links to help answer any questions or to find additional information about DCC.

Please make your selection from the following choices:

DCC for Beginners 

Analog and DCC

Intro to Power

Module Wiring

Programming Decoders

CV Definitions

Speed Matching

MU Consisting

DCC Engine Directory





Back EMF Set-up in Digitrax Decoders

Tony's Trains Intro to BEMF

DCC Wiki         Highly recommended!

Gadget Tom     Local On Line Source for Digitrax

Loys Toys        Discount On Line Source for Digitrax plus LOTS of additional DCC Info

Tonys Trains    Another Discount On Line Source with LOTS of additional DCC Info

Train Control Systems Decoders    Manufacturer of DCC Compatible Decoders